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Here at Metaphonic Recording Studios, our team of engineers are equally adept with their mastery of recording techniques as they are with their passion for music.

We are always looking to learn, improve and grow and it shows in our recordings and our growing list of clients. We are comfortable working in both Pro Tools or an analog based session on our console. Each of our team members are musicians in their own right and they bring that approach to each session. Our Clients are our biggest fans here at Metaphonic for not only the sounds we achieve in our recordings but the ‘vibe’ that happens in our sessions. We’re looking forward to you working with our team at Metaphonic.

See below for more information on each of our engineers.


In the world of music, name dropping is an art form. Lauryn Hill, Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans – working with anyone of these names alone can establish a career. Combine them however, and then add names like Ice-T, Savage Garden, Tru-Life, SpankRock and Macy Gray, and you begin to realize that a person who can drop these names has a truly remarkable talent. Don’t be fooled by his humble appearance, mixing engineer Hernán Santiago is recognized industry wide for his “dog ears”. Where was that click? Is there a way to fix that? He knows. Things the average A&R ear will miss, Hernán will pick up, point out, and correct. The latest release to be blessed with his mixing ability is the independent critically acclaimed album Yoyoyoyoyo by Spank Rock. A-List artist Thom Yorke of Radiohead even called it one of his “fav records from last year”!



Is a Venezuelan multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and sound engineer with a career spanning more than 20 years of success. Karen started studying music when she was seven years old under the tutelage of great music teachers, which not only gave her the opportunity to appreciate and understand music and different musical forms, but also allowed her to learn how to play all the different instruments she currently play. By studying other music genres, Karen developed a rich mix of musical colors, rhythms and nuances that evolved into her own style within the progressive rock movement in Venezuela. Karen studied sound engineering at the Taller de Arte Sonoro in Caracas, the first professional audio school ever established in Latin America, where she becomes one of the most sought after sound engineer by renowned Venezuelan artists, bands, advertising companies, recording studios and record labels for the recording of their albums, advertising campaigns, documentaries, etc.As a musician and sound engineer her credit appears on many albums of famous Venezuelan artist and bands such Angel Rada, Rose Marie Sader, Eduardo Soto Blues Band, Frank Hernandez “El Pavo Frank”, Andy Duran, Ignacio Ornes and many more.

JAN 13th, 2012:

WE ARE LITERALLY ADDING A NUMBER OF OUR OTHER CORE TEAM’S Bios/Pics/Soundcloud links to be up in just a few days, so in the meantime just CONTACT Us direct for Any and All Inquiries